Book Review: The Address by Fiona Davis

Title:  The Address

Author: Fiona Davis

Publisher: Dutton

Release Date: 2017

Genre: Historical Fiction

Setting: The Dakota, NYC, 1880s and 1980s 

Her debut novel is The Dollhouse.

 The concept of this novel is fantastic. The famous NYC Dakota luxury apartment building in two different eras—1880s and 1980s.  The story revolves around a mystery woman, Sara, who in the past had worked her way up to head housekeeper at an upscale London Hotel. When the opportunity to emigrate to America emerges, she takes it though not without some trepidation.  

In the present, Bailey has just got out of rehab and is also looking for a second chance.  She’s renovating an apartment in the Dakota for an extravagant cousin with bad taste, and thus she’s able to investigate some old trunks left in the basement. In these, she meets a woman from the previous century who was imprisoned in the madhouse for the murder of her lover.

What I liked about the story is the similarities and contrasts between these two women as the narrative plays out.  Bailey meets Sara between the pages and in pictures from the trunk and all these things not only make her curious, but affect her own future at the Dakota. The alternating histories work really well here, as both women dig deeper to the truth about themselves.