Three Truant Reviews

With apologies to Net Galley, the publishers, and the authors…


Wild Justice by Priscilla Royal #1

I read the first few books in this series and loved them, so when the book came up on Net Galley, I saw this as an opportunity to jump back into the series. Yes, I am very late—I had a heck of an ending to 2017 and into the New Year and didn’t think I would be able to review the books I had received from Net Galley—then I fell and ended up in the hospital and in recovery going on the second month now. So I re-read the book and liked it more the second time.  You’ve got to know by now the 14th book in the series isn’t going to bring any new surprises but the author delivered again a solid mystery against the backdrop of the order of the Hospitaller’s. It was an enjoyable slow burn to the reveal, gaining momentum as I read. It’s also the type of story where you could pick it up in the middle of the series and not be too lost. I’m usually not the biggest fan of medieval religious sleuths—give me Joliffe over Cadfael any time (lol)—but I did find the intricacies of convent life interesting in this context.



No Man Dies Twice by Michael Smith 

I re-read this one to make sure I still felt the same way about it and still couldn’t bring myself to enjoy it at all.


A Mortal Likeness by Laura Joh Rowland

I love Victorian mysteries, but unfortunately found this one disappointing, to say the least. I did want to know whodunit so read to the end despite misgivings. It wasn’t the plot that bothered me as much as the first person present tense and that there weren’t many likable, relatable characters, if any at all. There was something off about the language also. I think I would have liked it more if it was written from Sir Hugh’s point of view (in the past tense) or maybe alternating view points.